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"i think i'm fucking crazy"
really? that's insane.
if only you could see this shit i spit inside my brain
there's a million empty hallways and a thousand bolted doors
all leading to the same answer that questions so much more
do you know what it's like to live in a mind that's so fucking cut up?
got all these pieces split and nothing left inside my cup
instead i'm left with stale aromas of what i used to be
some heavy vodka and some sliced up skin is all that's left of me
and i've got all these memories
just eating at my skull
do you know how much shit is buried in between these fucking walls?
do you know how much of my life is in the mortar of these bricks?
enough that if you step inside it's enough to make you sick!
it's enough to creep up under you quick enough to make you trip
slick enough to freeze up underfoot enough to make you slip
and this is how you choose to leave me? make me choke and wait around?
call me crazy but i can't sit in compliance as my whole life comes crashing down.
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Submitted on
November 15, 2012
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